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Schaub & Company was founded in 1998 by Bob and Marcia Schaub in Grand Rapids, Michigan. The husband and wife team built years of experience in the cabinet hardware industry before starting their own company. It was from that experience that they saw a need for a different kind of company, one based on three values as its foundation: service, quality, and unique designs.

It began with a small family of employees who knew every product in detail and could ably assist every customer. The cabinet hardware catalog grew over the years and so did the company, but the customer experience remains the same. Customers receive their order in a timely manner, with a quick turnaround from order, to shipping, and delivery. Schaub & Company remains a tight-knit community with knowledge and experience; every customer receives the highest standard of customer service.

Schaub & Company cabinet hardware is created with passion and expert craftsmanship. Every piece is rich in design and details that make a home truly stand apart. The full catalog offers knobs and pulls in every style, from sleek contemporary to ornate luxury.

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