Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar

Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar is my favorite place to explore. Visiting a market or bazaar is one of the best ways to get to know a new city. I recently became a part-time citizen of Istanbul, Turkey and wanted to learn more about this great city. I soon learned it has some of the best markets in the world. The Egyptian Spice Bazaar is one of the largest and oldest in the city having been built in the 1660’s. It’s called Egyptian because the spices, and most products used to come from Egypt. I love the vibrancy of this market. It’s crowded and colorful and the soundtrack of many different languages being spoken at once is oddly soothing. The aroma of spices, coffee, tea and Turkish sweets is intoxicating. In addition to gastronomic culinary Turkish delights, there’s also a vast selection of other products including ceramics, towels, jewelry, scarves and light fixtures to name a few. It’s unlike anywhere else in the world and sure to  be a highlight of any visit to Istanbul. Every time I return to Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar I discover a new vendor or food I hadn’t seen the time before. I love speaking to not only the vendors, some of whom have been at the Bazaar for generations, but also the people who are visiting from all over the world. Here’s a glimpse of my recent visit to Istanbul’s Egyptian Spice Bazaar. For a list of the 10 best markets of Istanbul, click here.

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