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Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds of The Kitchen Design Network
Founders, Lori Gilder and Rebecca Reynolds

What is the Kitchen Design Network
Who Are We and What Do We Do?

The Kitchen Design Network is an online design resource for kitchen-obsessed homeowners, designers and brands. We create, collaborate and connect kitchen inspiration and ideas. We share trusted and renovation guidance while we dish about the latest kitchen trends and lifestyle all under one roof.

As passionate wives, mothers, designers, friends and neighbors, we cherish our own kitchens for the milestone moments that occur as well as the daily mundane tasks of life that happen in between. We believe the kitchen is the one place that symbolizes everything that’s good and important in life…family, friends, food and breaking bread together. And so it goes that, “Life Happens…In the Kitchen”

The kitchen-design process should be fun and exciting, not filled with stress, anxiety and indecision. Here you will be able to find resources, inspiration and valuable information all in one place which will help you with your next kitchen renovation however large or small. As designers with hundreds of completed projects, we want you to rely on us as your trusted advisers because we understand the complexities and challenges of all aspects of kitchen renovation.

Because we know that inspiration and knowledge are the power tools necessary for every successful kitchen project, we hope that our site helps you build the kitchen of your dreams no matter how big or small.

Please email us and let us know whose kitchens you’d like to see, what products you’re looking for and you can questions you may have about your own kitchen renovation.

  • If you’re a designer and would like to see your work published here please send an example of your work to [email protected]
  • If you’re a kitchen brand that would like to share images with us for inclusion on our site or to collaborate with us for an event please email [email protected] 
  • If you’re a homeowner that would like to consult with a kitchen designer in your area, please email us at [email protected]

Stay Inspired!

Rebecca and Lori