Five Trends We Love for 2018!

What are the top kitchen trends for 2018? We’re excited to share five that excite industry designers, manufacturers and us. Some may become classics while others may fade (quickly); some are also new and others old in new iterations.

Designers: Disc Interiors Photo: Stephania Serena

Black kitchens make the kitchen look like other rooms in a home. No longer is the kitchen just a workhorse. After years of sterile white kitchens with a few pops of color, some designers and architects are going dark, grown-up, sophisticated and mysterious. They’re using a rich black stain or paint on all cabinetry rather than just island cabinetry. To make this look work best, appliance fronts should also be black for a seamless line-up. However, we do like when the floor and backsplashes offer some contrast.

Architect: Don Dimster Photo: Grant Harder for Dwell Magazine

Nature becomes part of the design. For years windows have gotten bigger to bring in views of the outdoors and more natural light. In addition, the kitchens themselves are incorporating some form of nature with live plantings. The benefits of indoor plants have been well documented from reducing carbon dioxide to increasing humidity and relieving stress. Some easy devices include a bigger window with greenhouse-style extension for an herb garden, living green wall from floor to ceiling and attractive planters filled with greenery, with all chosen according to the room’s amount of natural light.


Wallpaper is back. For years, it was always about what color to paint the walls and what tile to use on the backsplashes. In 2018 with wallpapers that stand up better to heat and humidity and patterns that keep pace with more cutting-edge modern design—no dainty chintz flowers here, we’re excited about the idea of wallpapering the kitchen. Stripes are always in style as are big bold graphics and papers fashioned from favorite photos.

Designers: Weitzman Halpern Interior Design Photo: Michael Partenio

Banquettes make it cozy. They’re not just for diners or ‘50s-style kitchens that never got updated. Tucked away in a corner, they allow more people to squeeze in—comfortably—around the table. It’s a cozier spot than just a table and chairs. The trick today to make the best ones stand out is to give the banquette a retrofitted hipness with a big window, upholstery in a fresh solid color or pattern, a modern or traditional table and chairs, and maybe one fabulous light fixture. Forget banquettes, however, that are kitschy and scream DINER.

Designer: Heather Bullard

Coffee stations that put the kibosh on Starbucks. Who likes running out for a latte in the a.m.? It’s really not that difficult to make a great cup of Joe at home with steaming milk or the way you like. With the right machine (we like Nespresso), plus a milk frother, counter space for working and putting out ingredients, plus room for a teapot, selection of teas, sugar bowl, pitcher, drawer for spoons and napkins, cabinet or open shelves for mugs, you’re almost set. All you also need is room for a warming drawer to heat croissants and muffins. Then, you’ve really achieved barista heaven.

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